Hans Stanley Hansen11/5/1929 ~ 11/7/2011aka: Stan, Daddy-O, The Dancing Dane, Party ManStan was born and raised in S.L.C. and graduated from Granite High. He spent two years in Denmark on an LDS church mission, where the highlight was getting to know his grandfather, and his Danish roots. He was drafted and served in the army during the Korean war. Stan attended the University of Utah where his romance with Luceen Howard began. They were married in Feb.1957. Seven years later they had five children, Craig, Renee, Janese, Pamela, and Tina.Daddy-O loved his family. He was demanding but never boring. He wrote his motto: "As soon as you learn that life is hard the easier it will be." on the basement wall so his kids wouldn't forget. Stan took the time to teach his kids how to work and play. At home, they dug out the basement, framed, sheet rocked, mudded, and painted. He took his "right hand son" Craig, and daughters to his many apartment buildings, teaching them the art of being a landlord. Together, Stan and Craig built cabins in Brighton Estates for several summers. When he and Luceen owned and operated a pizza parlor family and friends passed out handbills in every parking lot in SLC, afterwards, a pizza party for all, and catching frogs in the canal out back. Stan was good provider. Through the years he worked for the Union Pacific Railroad and the Salt Lake County as a Building Inspector. Stan enjoyed having a tennis playing family and created various methods of instruction to perfect their strokes. At home, they juggled, tossed balls to the ceiling speakers, and hit volleys on the front room wall, where he taped a twenty dollar bill for incentive. In the park, they threw their racquets to get "the feel" of a top spin serve, ate their bucket of KFC, then played "Starz Ball", everyone's favorite volleying game. In the parking lot of the S.L. Tennis Club was "THE WALL" Stan's favorite place to work up a good sweat and refine strokes. At the Canyon Racquet Club Stan and family could be found "drilling" with their basket of balls, participating in tournaments and playing with friends. The Hansen clan also loved spending time in the mountains, adventures in the Great Salt Lake area, beach vacations in California, and spending time with grandparents and relatives. Stan also let his kids sluff school now and then for ski days together at Brighton, introducing them to a lifelong love. Thanks DAD!!!! Stan and Luceen divorced after twenty years, but remained in each others lives through family events and holiday gatherings, many held at his home.Stan, the Bachelor, provided a safe haven for his teenage daughters and their girlfriends for many years. Together, they organized the first, annual, Hansen Halloween party. The Dancing Dane's dance floor, hot tub, and large deck were perfect for social gatherings. When his family and friends tried to line him up on dates his first question was: Can she dance? After Stan retired and his children were gone he continued amassing a plethora of dancing friends and acquaintances. He had a revolving list of 400 names to contact for his array of seasonal house parties. The neighbors were tolerant as he and his friends shoveled out parking areas for winter party goers. His Cadillac was the one with the "PAR-T-MAN" license plate. His friends remember him, as loving a good stimulating conversation, his never ending fascination with the English language, and his unique "freestyle" dance moves. Even as the Rheumatoid Arthritis began to cripple his body it never deterred him from his passions and his house maintained the tradition and reputation as a quality place to gather with friends and dance. Although Stan faced surgeries and waning energy he never complained, instead, he took up water aerobics. It wasn't unusual to see him with a friend carrying a cushion to a dance so he could be comfortable...or later with a care giver escorting him to the local dance hall. To those who knew him he was an inspiration, he lived passionately, and was an example of integrity.In memory of Stan and in accordance with his wishes, a summer party, for friends and family will be held to celebrate his life. Please leave your contact information at celebrate.Stan@live.com