Former NBA and BYU player Shawn Bradley discovered last week that his bike had been stolen.

Not just any bike. A custom Trek road bike with a frame built 50 percent larger than normal.

After all, Bradley is 7-foot-6.

The bike was recovered later in the day.

Curiously, the suspect is only 6 feet tall. Sources say that since he was allegedly stealing oversized things, he also planned to take Albert Haynesworth's pants, Barry Bonds' hat and Chad Ochocinco's ego.


New agers and numerologists were excited by last week's rare 11-11-11 calendar date.

Of course, Rock On can think of a lot of dates that only occur every 100 years or so. For instance, the year USU went to a bowl game, the year Carlos Boozer was injury-free and the time Bronco Mendenhall used a one-syllable word.


John Brown University fans earned a technical foul 75 seconds into the basketball season for throwing dozens of toilet rolls on the court to commemorate the first basket.

All in fun, of course.

But if fans start throwing things at Ute games, look out.

It probably won't be to celebrate baskets.


Kim Kardashian flew to Minnesota last week to resolve some issues with pending ex-hubby Kris Humphries.

The Humphries-Kardashian union lasted 72 days which, by Rock On's calculations, is roughly how long it took for the Jazz to lose interest in him, too.


Southern Cal football coach Lane Kiffin was fined $10,000 for criticizing officials, recently, saying he was "basically lied to" by a side judge in a loss to Stanford.

Still, you have to wonder if the biggest lie of the week was when Kiffin said his team was preparing for "a very challenging conference game" against (then) 1-7 Colorado.


Seattle Times columnist Dwight Perry on cycling champ Mark Cavendish's girlfriend saying she became pregnant during the Tour de France: "Her baby bump is nearing the mountain stage."