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Josh Reynolds, File, Associated Press
FILE - In this Sept. 14, 2011 file photo, Harvard Law professor and consumer advocate, Democrat Elizabeth Warren, right, talks with supporters at the J & M Diner in Framingham, Mass., during her first day of campaigning for a shot at challenging incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown in 2012 for the US Senate. Warren is filling a void for disillusioned Democrats who flocked to President Barack Obama in 2008, attracting attention, money and help that the left isn’t yet eager to give to the White House re-election effort.

WASHINGTON — In Massachusetts, Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is attracting money and help from liberal Democrats who aren't yet eager to give to President Barack Obama.

Warren is a former consumer advocate who has cast herself as a crusader against corporations.

She recently backtracked from her statement that her work provided the "intellectual foundation" of the Occupy Wall Street movement. She is still drawing large crowds and flexing her fundraising muscle with help from national progressive groups.

Warren is the leading Democratic challenger to GOP Sen. Scott Brown in what promises to be a marquee race in 2012.