Expectations were low for Utah's men's basketball team this year; it was picked to finish last in the Pac-12.

But losing to Adams State?

Following last week's 61-60 defeat, in which the Utes called a timeout they didn't have, guard Jiggy Watkins noted: "In my mind, we get the loss out early."

Speaking of getting out early, is there any chance the Utes can play the cast of "Air Bud" instead of Arizona and UCLA?


Jazz rookie Enes Kanter said on draft day — and reiterated last week — that he'd love to be a pro wrestler after his basketball career has ended.

Sources say he's already working on his signature move: a flying clothesline on David Stern.


First, Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kris Humphries. Then she announces she won't document the post-divorce drama on her reality TV show.

Humphries hasn't been downsized like that since leaving college to sit on the bench for the Jazz.


Jose Canseco is back in the ring.

Well, was.

Canseco was set to fight ex-ballplayer Lenny Dykstra last week in a bout of has-beens, but Dykstra failed to show. On the announced undercard were Nadya "Octomom" Suleman (who defeated Amy Fisher), Kato Kaelin, Michael Lohan and Joey Buttafuoco.

All Rock On has to say is it's not an event unless Ryan Leaf is included.


Weber State football coach Ron McBride got double-whammied on Saturday.

The worst pain was the 44-24 loss to Montana State. But it didn't help that he sustained a fractured tibia during a sideline play. It was originally thought to be a torn ACL.

No truth to the rumor there was some confusion when he shouted "Take a knee!" just before the end of the half.


Brad Dickson, Omaha World-Herald: "A Lincoln man has been arrested for allegedly stealing 24 Husker football tickets. It's a felony, except for the Tennessee-Chattanooga game."


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