Brian Nicholson, Deseret News
Tony Yapias of Proyecto Latino signs a document known as the Utah Compact during a press conference where community leaders gathered in support of immigration reform at the State Capitol in Salt Lake City Thursday, Novmeber 11, 2010.
Scapegoating and senseless retribution are always wrong.

As we approach the year anniversary of the signing of the Utah Compact, I am writing to voice my support for its compassionate approach as the only fair and reasonable way of meeting the challenge of illegal immigration. It is a thoughtful alternative to the extremist attitude that all undocumented immigrants in Utah must somehow be punished, that only a pound of flesh will compensate for their supposed impudence in seeking residence among us.

Considering the undeniably substantial sacrifice and contribution of immigrants both legal and illegal in our country, I find this attitude small-minded, vindictive and in no one's interest. Scapegoating and senseless retribution are always wrong.

Andrew McDonald