You've got locked out NBA players who are working in Europe. You have some who are playing on makeshift All-Star teams. You have others sitting home on the couch.

And then you have those appearing on "Family Feud."

The New Orleans Times-Picayune says All-Star Chris Paul will appear in a Tuesday episode of the long-running game show. Also on the "team" will be his parents, brother and an aunt. Proceeds will go to his CP3 Foundation.

Opposing the Pauls will be the O'Haras of Revere, Mass.

A word of advice to the O'Haras: If the question is "Which NBA guard can CP3 take off the dribble?" the answer is "All of them."


Oregon State University scientists are studying artificial intelligence by merging computer vision, machine learning and automated planning to create a system they say could improve things such as nursing care, factory efficiency and airport operations.

A news release says "the idea is for a computer to observe a complex operation and then optimize those operations or accomplish other related tasks."

All the offensively challenged Utes really want to know is whether it can play quarterback.


Not even Alabama coach Nick Saban is beyond the long reach of the law.

Saban showed up last week to speak to the Monday Morning Quarterback Club and ended up with a parking ticket. A driver dropped him off outside the Harbert Center, then parked the Mercedes in front of the building. According to the Birmingham News, the meter maid noticed she was being videoed by media while writing the ticket.

"Oh, so you're going to take pictures of me doing my job? Doing my job," she said.

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As she was placing the ticket under the windshield she added, "Maybe he'll give me a free (game) ticket."

And maybe Saban will send flowers to all his good friends in the media.


Just wondering, after those punting foul-ups against TCU, is BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall really thinking of changing the unit's name to "not-so-special teams?"


San Francisco Chronicle columnist Scott Ostler on Tiger Woods' game: "Tiger is getting noticeably more distance … when he throws his clubs."


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