SALT LAKE CITY — The NBA could soon hurt Utah Jazz fans who dig Jimmermania.

Barring a negotiating miracle, the Jazz's first game against Sacramento in the Jimmer Fredette era — Nov. 23 at ex-Arco Arena — will be added to the NBA lockout casualty scrap pile.

That contest against the former BYU star/rookie-in-limbo was among six Jazz games that were to be canceled Tuesday along with most of the November schedule, according to the New York Daily News.

Though it hasn't yet officially happened, the report claimed the league is about to chop off its second two-week block of games, prolonging the NBA-less period through Nov. 28.

The Jazz's official schedule on the team website still includes a game against the Los Angeles Clippers on Nov. 18. Contests against Oklahoma City, Chicago, Portland and Golden State will also be pulled off the slate if/when the official announcement is made.

Nearing the four-month mark of the lockout, the NBA previously canceled the eight-game preseason and scrapped all games from Nov. 1-15.

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Various reports claim the league still hopes to cobble together a full 82-game season beginning Dec. 1. That could push the playoffs back a bit and result in less time off between series and games in the postseason, among other modifications.

It's also been reported that the NBA could announce the start of the season will be put "indefinitely" on hold until owners and players reach a labor agreement.

The problem with that, however, is that the two bickering sides haven't even agreed to resume face-to-face discussions after last week's marathon mediated sessions ended Thursday with acrimony but no resolution.