As a life-long Latter-day Saint, I'm not too concerned with preachers or ministers outside my faith labeling my church a "cult" or calling it "non-christian." Such labels have been around long before Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman began their presidential campaigns, and they'll still be around long after Romney and Huntsman retire from public service.

The way I determine in my own mind who is or isn't a true Christian has nothing to do with what denomination a person attends, but rather, what kind of heart does the person have. I know a number of people who rarely attend church, yet they are some of the kindest and thoughtful people you could meet. I also know people who are very active in their respective churches, yet they seem to never pass up the opportunity to offend others, gossip or act in other ways which most people would never consider proper Christian behavior.

Perhaps before any of us decide to put a negative label on people different from ourselves, we should first take a long look in the mirror and determine if we are truly Christian in our own hearts.

Clark Roger Larsen