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Petr David Josek, Associated Press
Richard Sulik, right, leader of the Freedom and Solidarity Party and Parliamentary Speaker of Slovakia and Slovakia's Prime Minister and vice chairman of the senior government coalition party, Slovak Democratic and Christian Union, Iveta Radicova, left, walk to address media after governments coalition meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia, Monday, Oct. 10, 2011. Slovakia's governing coalition failed on Monday to strike a deal to prevent the collapse of a continentwide plan to rescue heavily indebted European nations. Prime Minister Iveta Radicova said her four-party coalition, which met for three hours, was unable to agree on a compromise deal.

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — Slovakian lawmakers on Tuesday rejected the expansion of the euro currency zone's bailout fund.

After 10 hours of debate in parliament, the measure failed to pass by 21 votes.

Slovakia remains the only country in the 17-member eurozone that has not approved expanding the bailout fund, which would require unanimous support to go into effect.