Laura Seitz, Deseret News
OccupySLC participants protested against the centralization of power and money to a few select persons and corporations.

Occupy Wall Street protesters marched in several cities last week, including Salt Lake City. They are demanding to be cool, like those folks in the '60s.

One protester told a reporter she was prepared to stay for "as long as it takes." Given that no one has any idea what the group's stated objective is, that could take awhile. Then again, it could end as soon as a friend calls and wants to go shopping.

A local paper blared on its front page that the Salt Lake march drew hundreds, which sounds so much better than dozens.

Anonymous, the hacker group, announced it would restore prosperity to the nation by erasing the New York Stock Exchange from the Internet. If it succeeds, politicians next year will be promising "A chicken in every mud hut."

Police arrested a man last week for firing an assault rifle from a hillside into a Herriman neighborhood. He said he was "sighting in" a new rifle to test how accurately it fired. Does he test his car's brakes by accelerating toward crowded sidewalks?

"The Playboy Club" television show was canceled last week after three episodes. Death Valley has had snowstorms longer than that. Calvin Coolidge gave speeches longer than that. President Obama's proposed budget got more serious consideration than that. I've got a million of 'em, folks.

Talks have broken down again between NBA players and team owners. I don't mean to imply things are looking bleak, but rumor has it Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas are being called in as mediators.

Rick Perry learned this week that his campaign team should have spent less time on potential Iraq offensive strategies and more on "the rock is offensive" strategies.

The Texas governor was pounded from all sides because he used to lease hunting grounds that featured a rock at the entrance with an offensive racial epithet on it. Much of the rap music industry responded quickly by saying, "That word is offensive?"

Perry responded by saying, "Wait until you see how I feel about the Confederate flag."