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Each week is practically a fashion runway for the Sun Devils, with multiple uniform combinations.

SALT LAKE CITY — In the old days, there wasn't much mystery as to what various college football teams would wear on Saturdays.

At home, teams would wear their colored jerseys and on the road their white jerseys. Most teams had just one helmet and they might vary the color of their pants.

Nowadays, you never know what your favorite team will show up wearing.

Take Arizona State, Utah's opponent this Saturday, for example.

So far this year in five games, the Sun Devils have used five different uniform combinations, including four different-colored helmets. Arizona State even has a "2011 Uniform Tracker" and "2011 Helmet Tracker" in its weekly press release.

There's the Traditional (gold helmet and pants, maroon jersey), All Maroon, White Out, Black Out and White-Maroon-White (white helmets and pants, maroon jersey).

According to Randy Policar of the ASU sports information office, the combinations for each game were decided by the players and coaches at the beginning of the year, but aren't revealed until game time.

ASU's only loss came with the all-white combination at Illinois. Based on the fact that they haven't worn the same uniform yet this year, you can bet either the helmets or pants or both will not be white this week at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Utah has much less variety for its uniform choices with only red helmets. At home they can wear black jerseys once a year and red the rest of the time. The pants can be either red, white or black. The team captains make the decision what they will wear.

According to team captain, linebacker Chaz Walker, the captains decide early in the week what combination they want to wear so the equipment manager can be prepared. Walker said usually the offensive players decide, because "we really don't care on defense."

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As for coach Kyle Whittingham, when asked if he has any say in the uniforms, he replied "I have no care in that," and added, "on a list of 1 to 100, uniforms are No. 100 for me."

Whittingham says he's not superstitious when it comes to uniforms, saying, "I don't buy any of that stuff" about the fact that the Utes have lost big when they've worn black (last year against TCU and this year against Washington with black pants).

Unlike ASU, the Utes aren't secretive until game day about what they'll be wearing. According to Walker, the Utes will be in all red this week, which worked pretty well against BYU.