News that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin have decided against running for president must have presidential hopeful Mitt Romney smiling.

That's because, according to the latest ABC News/ Washington Post poll, Romney was the candidate most often selected as the second choice for voters who preferred Sarah Palin or Chris Christie.

"So Romney is the runner-up for both Palin and Christie voters," writes Russell Goldman of ABC News, "which is pretty good for him."

Good indeed; now that both Palin and Christie are out, Romney should scoop up a good amount of their supporters.

Media outlets have reported that GOP donors who have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for Christie's decision are now filing behind Romney.

"A day after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he wouldn't run for president, several top Republican fund-raisers came off the sidelines and pledged their support for Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor," wrote Brody Mullins and Steve Eder in their Wall Street Journal article. "Among Mr. Romney's new backers are former Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson, a Republican lobbyist who raised $1 million for former President George W. Bush, and two top fund-raisers for the now-defunct presidential campaign of Tim Pawlenty, the former Minnesota governor."

Politico is also reporting that Paul Singer is now backing Romney. Singer is "one of the biggest Republican donors nationally over the last several years," according to Politico, and "has been a coveted 'get' for 2012 for months."

Yet, with Romney's new support has come added scrutiny by media-types. The Wall Street Journal has a new article showing Romney's shifting stance on environmental issues, titled, "Romney Environment Push Is Fresh Target for His Rivals." Additionally, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart compiled a video of Mitt Romney's changing views on abortion and other issues.

These will certainly become fodder for opponents within the GOP in next week's New Hampshire GOP debate.