Burn notice

During a radio interview with WNST-AM in Baltimore last week, ex-Maryland football coach Ralph Friegden was asked whether it was painful to watch former players — and his alma mater — compete since he was fired.

"Well, it's not painful because I watch it for the kids," he said. "I could care less about Maryland. I've burned my diploma."

That's a little harsh, isn't it, burning your sheepskin?

On the other hand, he could have attended Oklahoma, where the players never graduate.

Poor in spirit?

Following USU's heartbreaking loss to BYU on Friday, star running back Robert Turbin was asked whether the Aggie losses have been physical or psychological breakdowns, to which he responded: "I wouldn't say it's physical, but I wouldn't say it's psychological, either."

Which leaves just spiritual, right?

Austin Collie. Paging Austin Collie.

Emergency aid

Utah has lost its first Pac-12 game, it's first Pac-12 home game, and is 0-2 in conference play.

Meanwhile, its quarterback is out with an injured shoulder and nationally ranked Arizona State is next up.

Rock On doesn't know all the NCAA rules, but isn't this where the Utes apply for No Team Left Behind assistance?

Invitation only

Hugh "Baby Shaq" Jones recently beat Lance Perique in the finals of the Red Bull King of the Rock one-on-one basketball tournament on Alcatraz Island.

The 6-foot-3, 230-pound Jones used his size to back down smaller opponents.

Which leaves just one question: With a tournament named King of the Rock, honestly, how come Rock On wasn't invited?

Under armour

Remember when your mom used to warn you to wear clean underwear because you might get in an accident?

Apparently Jim Leyland didn't get the memo.

The Detroit Tigers' manager said he didn't change his undies or socks through a 12-game win streak last month.

"I'm superstitious," he told the Detroit Free Press, and added, "We won. I'm not going to change them."

Which raises a disturbing question: Does anyone know if Cal Ripken was superstitious?

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