I am writing to voice my support for ratifying the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, or CTBT, in response to a recent My View by Sen. Jake Garn ("Modernizing nuclear weapons testing methods is essential," Sept. 25).

President Obama has said that one of his top foreign policy objectives is to reduce the global nuclear threat, and yet we stand with countries like North Korea, India, Iran, Egypt and Pakistan in our unwillingness to ratify the treaty, despite the fact that the U.S. hasn't even conducted a nuclear test of any kind since September 1992.

In a time when the threats to our country are not unified political states but instead terrorist groups of nebulous locale and definition, we cannot risk a nuclear weapon getting into the wrong hands. The U.S., as a global power, has a moral responsibility to help stop nuclear weapons testing. Since the CTBT opened in 1996, 153 states have ratified it, including Russia, France, and the UK, all three of which are nuclear weapons states. Why not the U.S.?

Maya Christopherson

Salt Lake City