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President Clinton signs the historic Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty at the United Nations in New York Tuesday, Sept. 24, 1996.

Perhaps by sheer luck, I am not the descendant of downwinders in Utah. But I am native to the state of Utah, and I am very concerned about the idea of renewed nuclear testing. I urge Utahns to join former Sen. Jake Garn in encouraging the Utah delegation to support ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, or CTBT.

Safe nuclear weapons testing cannot be guaranteed, even in "remote" places on public lands. Even underground. The potential domestic dangers to which Garn alludes far outweigh fear-and-deterrence driven arguments for future testing. By rejecting ratification we are further conceding our already deeply compromised prestige in the global community.

I am not the descendant of downwinders. Next time I might not be so lucky.

Andrew Gillman

Salt Lake City