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Kenneth Mays

As his mission to Great Britain came to a close, Elder Heber C. Kimball bade a fond farewell to the many new Saints in the region of Chatburn and Downham in eastern Lancashire. When it became known that he would be leaving, people flocked to greet him one last time and wish him and his companion well. Many lined the streets and sang. Young people followed him. Tears flowed freely, and Elder Kimball noted that he had never seen such gratitude. He was constrained to take off his hat because he felt as if he were on holy ground. This view shows the path Heber and his party followed when those touching scenes unfolded. This original road now abruptly ends at a large rock quarry and can no longer be used to get to Clitheroe. It was identified as the original route by Richard N.W. Lambert in 2010.