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John Minchillo, Associated Press
A pedestrian browses protest posters at the Occupy Wall Street sit-in at Zucotti park in New York, Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011. The demonstrators, who have been camping overnight in nearby Zucotti park since Saturday, have been surrounded by police officers around the clock with at least 12 protestors arrested in recent days.

NEW YORK — Leaders of a protest near Wall Street say they plan to camp out in lower Manhattan indefinitely.

Organizer Bill Csapo (SAY'-poh) said Wednesday that the protesters will stay as long as it takes to communicate their unhappiness with the financial industry, which they blame for the country's economic woes.

Some in the "Occupy Wall Street" protest have been sleeping there since Saturday.

The protest continued Wednesday with about 200 people near the corner of Liberty Street and Broadway as wary police officers kept watch close by. A barricade has been erected on Wall Street to protect the New York Stock Exchange.

The protest has already produced one tussle with police and at least seven arrests.