Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Brigham Young Cougars linebacker Kyle Van Noy (3) celebrates his game winning touchdown during the Cougar season opener with Ole Miss in Oxford, Miss Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011. BYU won 14-13.

PROVO — BYU linebacker Kyle Van Noy appeared on Jim Rome's national radio show Tuesday as part of the "Kyle Streak," marking the 29th consecutive show with an interview featuring someone from the world of sports named Kyle.

The streak has also featured Utah coach Kyle Whittingham.

At the top of the interview, Van Noy said, "I'm grateful to be on the show with you. I'm lucky No. 29, and hopefully I'll be the best one."

Rome was impressed with Van Noy.

"You did great. Awesome job," Rome said on the air at the end of the interview. "I'm going to look at the list. You're definitely top 10 and almost certainly top five. And if I break that whole thing down, you might be the guy."

In between, Van Noy fielded questions on a variety of topics, including overcoming the tough 54-10 loss to Utah last weekend.

"It was (tough), but luckily we had some team meetings (Monday) that we finally got things resolved," Van Noy said. "We talked with the head coach and the players. I think we're going to bounce back really well. It's brought us closer as a team. We're grateful to have each other … (The meeting was) mostly about feelings about the game and what we want in the season. I think it was great to share feelings with each other. It was good to see some guys emotional and passionate about the game. I think it brought us close as a team."

Was there any finger-pointing, Rome asked, in that meeting?

"No. You never want to point fingers because you look at a loss like that and the only person you can look at is yourself. People need to take ownership and I think we're doing a great job of that. We're going to get it fixed and move on from it."

On whether a loss like that could wreck the rest of the season: "I wouldn't say it could wreck a year, but it could wreck a couple of games because you're so emotionally wrapped around a game like that. With a game with seven turnovers, you could really let that get to you. A better story is how can you bounce (back) from that. That's what we're looking to do."

On the BYU-Utah rivalry: "It gives you goose bumps because people get so crazy over it and the atmosphere is phenomenal. People love it and they root for the teams extra hard and the players get more juiced. It's just great to be part of something like that … It's always in the back of your mind. When we talk about Utah, we never usually call them Utah, we call them 'those guys up there.' That's because those guys up there are our rival. We tend to want to beat them than another team or prepare for them harder than any other team on our schedule usually."

Van Noy also talked about his time at BYU and the adversity he's overcome, as well as the school's strict Honor Code.

Rome asked Van Noy about the speculation on conference realignment and the possibility of BYU joining the Big 12.

"I just play football. I haven't really discussed it with anybody," he said, adding that if he had any decision-making power, "I'd be playing Texas every weekend … I think it's a great thing being an independent. We're playing a bunch of different teams. We have a good schedule. We get to travel around the country to places we don't normally (go). I never thought in my whole life I would go to Oxford, Miss., to play a game and it happened. That's a cool thing. I'm just along for the roller-coaster ride and happy to be here."