VERNAL — Bridge replacement projects along the Red Cloud Loop Road are complete.

The bridge over the North Fork of Ashley Creek was replaced last winter, and additional work that included paving of the approaches to the bridge was completed in August.

The bridge over Big Brush Creek has been replaced and opened Sept. 9. With the opening of this bridge the Red Cloud Loop Road between Iron Springs and Kaler Hollow is open, completing Red Cloud Loop.

The culvert over Reader Creek along the road to Chepeta Lake is being replaced, and the road will remain closed about one mile from the trailhead.

A parking area for vehicles has been established before the construction site to accommodate access to the High Uintas Wilderness Area from the Chepeta Lake area.

Ashley National Forest invested more than $500,000 dollars on bridge and culvert replacement projects in 2011 that provide for public safety and unrestricted fish passage.