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Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
University of Utah Quarterback Jordan Wynn speaks during a press conference Monday, Sept. 12, 2011 at the football facility about the loss to USC and the upcoming game with BYU..

SALT LAKE CITY — Jordan Wynn and his coaches have insisted for a couple of months that Wynn's offseason shoulder surgery was a success and that he is 100 percent.

At Monday's press conference, Wynn acknowledged for the first time that he may not quite be 100 percent.

"I'm getting there, I'm pretty close," he said. He also admitted he was throwing it "maybe not as far" as before his surgery.

It's been pretty obvious that Wynn is throwing the ball differently than he did during his freshman season and early in his sophomore season. He seems to throw more from the side, which may be why he had at least a half dozen passes batted down at the line of scrimmage last week.

"I've had surgery, so sure, my throwing motion is a little bit different," he said Monday. "Anyone can attest that once you've had surgery, it's different. There might be some changes here and there. I just go out and throw it. I don't really get into looking at my motion. I don't really look to change it or change it back. That's how you over-analyze things. I'm just going to go out and throw it."

When asked what exactly was done to his shoulder, Wynn said he couldn't go into details because of medical privacy laws, except to say his labrum was torn.

"I just let them do it and rehabbed it," he said.

NINE INSTEAD OF THREE: Coach Kyle Whittingham didn't know until he woke up Sunday morning that his team lost by nine points instead of three to USC the night before.

Whittingham and his players flew home directly after the game, believing the final score was 17-14 as the scoreboard read when they left the field at around 8 p.m. Saturday night. It wasn't until about two hours later, while the Utes were in the air, that Pac-12 officials announced a change in the final score to 23-14.

The Ute coach said he wasn't all that bothered by the change, saying, "It was inconsequential to the outcome."

Whittingham did say be was going to talk to the Pac-12 supervisor of officials later Monday and wanted some answers for possible scenarios such as what would have happened if his team had stripped the ball from the USC player (who made the touchdown) while USC reserves were on the field, etc.

"I'm not whining or crying about it, I would like an explanation going forward," he said.

IN PERSPECTIVE: Whittingham believes the game with BYU will be as intense as ever, despite the early date, but he hopes fans and players will be more civil than usual.

"It has gone overboard in some situations, to say the least, but hopefully cooler heads will prevail this year and we'll be able to have uneventful situations in the stands and on the field and keep it in perspective," he said. "It's a great rivalry, it's a great game, it's intense, but there's that line you cross over that hopefully we don't cross over this year."

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EXTRA POINTS: Utah has won six of the last nine games in Provo against BYU. The last loss by more than a touchdown in Provo was in 1991, 48-17. … This marks the first time since 1972 that both Utah and BYU are coming into the rivalry game directly after losses. … The Utah ticket office said it has sold out of its allotment of 2,800 tickets for Saturday's game. … Utah is tied for 10th nationally in turnover margin at plus-2 per game. … The Utes are 100 percent inside the red zone this year with five touchdowns and one field goal in six tries. … John White is 32nd nationally in rushing with 103 yards per game and DeVonte Christopher is 34th in receptions per game with 6.5 catches per game.

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