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Yemen Lens, Associated Press
Yemeni Army forces move into the southern city of Zinjibar, Yemen after freeing it from the hands of al-Qaida-linked militants, Yemen, Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011. A Yemeni military official says forces have driven al-Qaida-linked militants out of part of a southern city held by the fighters for nearly four months.

SANAA, Yemen — Security officials say two Yemeni soldiers have been killed and four wounded by a roadside bomb blast in a southern city held by al-Qaida linked militants for nearly four months.

Yemeni government forces, backed by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, are battling al-Qaida fighters in Zinjibar, the capital of Abyan province, in their first major advance on the city in months.

Ground battles and airstrikes have failed to dislodge the militants from Zinjibar and other towns, which militants overran in April and May.

The security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to reporters, said Sunday the bomb exploded in eastern Zinjibar.

Some 90 soldiers and over 300 fighters have been killed in southern Yemen this year.