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Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Utah Utes linebacker Matt Martinez (52) and offensive lineman Sam Brenner (74) stand with their fans and cheer after Utah defeated BYU 17-16 Saturday. The classic rivalry was a toss-up in the late fourth quarter when the Utes won on a blocked field goal attempt.

LOS ANGELES — Rivalry Week doesn't take any of the sting off of Utah's 23-14 loss to USC. Saturday's game at BYU is kind of on the backburner — sort of, kind of, maybe and for a limited time only.

"I'm still kind of dealing with this one. But next week will be a tough one. It always is against those guys," Utah quarterback Jordan Wynn said after the Utes dropped the inaugural Pac-12 game. "As a team we've got to forget about this one as quickly as possible. Obviously there's going to be some frustration over the weekend, but the worst thing you can do as a team is let this hang over."

It's something, he added, that the leaders and captains have to make sure doesn't happen.

"We'll watch this tape and learn from it," Wynn said. "I know I will and we'll just keep going."

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When asked if Utah and BYU losing close games Saturday (the Cougars fell at Texas, 17-16) added any fuel to the upcoming meeting in Provo, wide receiver DeVonte Christopher said no.

"That rivalry doesn't need anything," he responded.

The next game does, however, have extra meaning for the Utes — but for another reason.

"For us, it's another opportunity for us to go out and play together, try to get a 'W' and try to get this taste out of our mouths," Christopher said. "That's all we're looking forward to."

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