Shame on Craig Coleman for his glowing report on the new "Common Sense Core Curriculum" in a recent article ("New Common Core State Standards," Sept. 1). Also, shame on Gov. Gary Herbert for accepting such a curriculum that now gives the federal government total control of what our children are taught.

Why do we even need teachers in the classroom? A robot could stand in front of the room and spew out all the information that our students are required to learn. After all, why should we care if the children understand what is being taught, as long as everyone is on the same page every day? It is an outright dummying of our children as a whole.

Those who do not have the ability to understand will be left by the wayside, and those who need to be challenged will be bored and unproductive. The dull curriculum will also foster complete inattentiveness and restlessness in the classroom. We now will need to hire more federal personnel in the schools to make sure the federal guidelines are enforced and that unruly students are put into place because of their lack of enthusiasm to learn anything from such a rote curriculum. Will the federal government also be able to control the moral values of what our children are taught?

Ann Bradford

Salt Lake City