Steve Fidel/KSL-TV Chopper 5
Rice-Eccles Stadium

How ironic that Cougar fan Richard Decker chides the University of Utah ("Ute Season Opener," Readers' Forum, Sept. 4) for cancelling afternoon classes for the Ute's football season opener. He claims "being a university is more important than having a big time football team."

Do we really want to go down that road? How much time, money and schedule rearrangement has been done in the name of putting BYU on the big time football stage? What good could have been reaped if that time and money were to go to humanitarian and spiritual pursuits? Let's not fool ourselves, college football is all about money and pride. Where can I find money and pride in the BYU honor code because they are clearly driving the BYU bandwagon? I suggest we stop worrying about the mote that is in our brother's eye and consider the beam that is in our own.