<p class="letter-name">Carvel Thatcher</p> <p class="letter-city">Sandy</p>

The tea party believes massive reductions in federal spending must be done immediately, without also eliminating tax loopholes or raising rates. This seems to me, a Republican and a former owner/manager of several businesses, to be the kind of drastic action that can only result from a national emergency far worse than the recession we've experienced. When your plan will obviously gore almost everyone's ox, it is politically impossible. I hope that our representative has received an earful of this complaint in his district.

I believe that sharply cutting Federal spending this year would result in another recession. My tea party brother complains that some federal stimulus money was used to hire more police officers (read, "government employees") in Utah. But what if my wife, a teacher, is laid off? Even if her salary dollars go into the private sector, will the benefit there exceed the losses to my family, and to the businesses from which we buy goods and services?

Those who would suffer least from spending cuts would be some tea party members who are financially secure and don't need any Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid benefits, as well as the Wall Street millionaires who helped cause the global financial crisis.

Balancing the budget can't be done quickly without a combination of eliminating tax loopholes or raising some tax rates, and cutting spending. I marvel that this truth is invisible to the tea party.