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The Constitution isn't broken, Congress is. No balanced budget amendment, if implemented, would be constructive. A simple majority in the House alone, through its control of the purse, can, with sufficient will, bring the federal government under control.

That's where Rep. Rob Bishop, Rep. Jim Matheson and Rep. Jason Chaffetz come in. This country will not survive unless the House restricts spending. They have the Constitutional power to do so.

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They can do it without a balanced budget amendment too. It's easy to conclude that the new rash of balanced budget amendment proposals are just political posturing by those seeking business as usual. For those who consider themselves conservatives to demand it puts the entire Constitutional structure at risk. If an allegedly popular demand for a balanced budget amendment is created and Congress resists, then the "evil hidden forces" in Washington will orchestrate pressure on the state Legislatures for an Article V convention.

Heaven help us all if that happens. The Constitution as we know it today will be formally changed. We should tell our House members to just vote for the Constitution.