Every day, dozens of stories are published or broadcast all around the world that have to do with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints specifically, or religion in general. We write some of these stories ourselves, and we gather links to others on other websites and creating stories for you to follow.

Now and then, however, these links accumulate and we are not able to create stories that include all of them. Rather than just delete them, they are offered here in no particular organization or order — a sort of yard sale of religion-oriented news stories. Perhaps you'll see something here in which you are interested.

LDS-oriented links

A New York Times story about E. Gordon Gee, president of Ohio State University and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and how he has reacted to and dealt with the current athletic scandal at the university. Great quote from Gee: "I always say I was in a polygamous marriage. Married to my wife. Married to the university. Even though I'm Mormon, I can't do that."

The Worcester, Mass., Telegram & Gazette offers this column by Albert B. Southwick, an atheist, whose position is that Mormonism isn't any more absurd than other faiths. But beyond that (and admittedly, believers may have some difficulty getting beyond that position), Southwick goes on to make the point that the world has benefited much from the art, literature and research (including LDS genealogical research) of men and women of faith — even if some consider their faith to be "absurd."

This column in the San Diego Daily Transcript by Larry Stirling uses the LDS Church's Mormon Battalion Visitors Center in Old Town San Diego as a vehicle to outline the unique military history of the Mormon Battalion.

Reporter Ron Dugan of the The Arizona Republic details the LDS pioneer history of Snowflake, Ariz. In this well-researched article.

General Religion Links

NPR posts this interesting report on how some "Evangelicals question the existence of Adam and Eve." You can either listen to the story or read the transcript.

An interesting story by CNN's John Blake called "Actually, that's not in the Bible" looks at sayings and quotations that people THINK is in the Bible — but isn't. Think that "This too shall pass" and "God helps those who help themselves" are from the Bible — think again.

Another terrific NPR post profiles a group of young Dominican nuns in Nashville who moving away from modern approaches to the calling and are embracing the dress, customs and discipline of more traditional sisters. These young nuns are, according to NPR, "the new radical."

There is a fascinating and moving New York Times story about the International House of Prayer, an evangelical Christian church in Kansas City that is open for worship 24/7, with live bands and fervent missionaries helping thousands of people each day worship, pray and find Jesus.

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