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At the Deseret News we strive to provide you with special insight into issues that you care about. Like you, we wrestle with ways to filter the relentless deluge of information for what is of real value. With that in mind, we offer the following digest of stories we think are worth your time.

Content highlights reflect six core values: Care for the Poor; Excellence in Education; Faith in the Community; Family Life; Financial Responsibility; and Values in the Media.

Selected from recent editions of the Deseret News, these stories and columns cover topics relevant to our areas of editorial emphasis. We hope you find that they offer insight and enlightenment in a world flooded with news and information that we believe you will only find in the Deseret News.

» Excellence in Education

Campuses work to curb alcohol abuse

Many colleges across the nation are attempting to encourage more responsible regulation of alcohol use among students. They are seeing a decrease in high-risk drinking, alcohol-related ambulance calls and alcohol violations on campuses.

But health risks aren't the only reason schools are looking to help students increase their understanding of alcohol's problems. Alcohol consumption affects other aspects of their lives, too.

» Faith in the Community

Faithful Muslims avoid paying or earning interest

Many Muslims claim to enjoy peaceful serenity from living free of "riba," or interest. The Quran explicitly states, "Those who consume interest cannot stand ... Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden interest."

With such a direct sanction against interest, Muslims find it difficult to participate in a western banking system based almost exclusively on interest lending and borrowing. So how do Muslim-Americans get along without interest?

» Care for the Poor

Editorial: Using discretion in law enforcement

Homeless pregnancy takes a major toll

Obama immigration audits criticized as ineffective

Workshop helps businesses with complicated migrant worker laws

» Excellence in Education

Editorial: The good news and bad news about ACT scores

Appearance matters to success of professors

What to do with summer break?

Poll: most parents approve of local schools

Could e-textbooks save students from rising costs?

» Family Life

Learning to count with Austen and Shakespeare

Autism risk to siblings may be greater than believed

Addiction therapist hopes his workload will disappear

» Financial responsibility

Editorial: Legalizing online gambling is a bad bet

What to do when you're out of financial options

» Values in the Media

Editorial: Responsible and civil leadership

Child models in suggestive ads draw renewed criticism

» Other stories

Scalping inflates prices for life-saving drugs

Experts reclassify addiction as a "brain disease"

Three-part series on environmental contamination:

No telling when environmentally abused land becomes safe

Future uncertain at EPA Superfund clean-up town

Small town fights for its future

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