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At the Deseret News we strive to provide you with special insight into issues that you care about. Like you, we wrestle with ways to filter the relentless deluge of information for what is of real value. With that in mind, we offer the following digest of stories we think are worth your time.

Content highlights reflect six core values: Care for the Poor; Excellence in Education; Faith in the Community; Family Life; Financial Responsibility; and Values in the Media.

Selected from recent editions of the Deseret News, these stories and columns cover topics relevant to our areas of editorial emphasis. We hope you find that they offer insight and enlightenment in a world flooded with news and information that we believe you will only find in the Deseret News.

» Care for the Poor

Low-income minorities face unequal justice

Darlene Eckles didn't know her brother was running a drug ring out of her house - she was just trying to help him out by letting him live with her temporarily. But his crimes still landed her in prison. Now Darlene and more than 12,000 people in federal prison for crack-related crimes are eligible to get out early as a result of a new law. Eighty-two percent of those imprisoned on crack cocaine charges are African Americans.

Some criminal justice experts point to socioeconomic problems like poverty, low education and the increase of fatherless homes as reasons for the high rate of minority incarceration. Others argue the system is riddled with racism, from the way police officers track crime to the way judges and juries apply sentences.

» Faith in the Community

Column: Warren Jeffs and the abandonment of tradition

The conviction of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs raises what could appear to be difficult questions about the historical connection between modern polygamists and modern mainstream Mormonism.

But columnist Nathan B. Oman points out that modern Mormons and modern polygamists have been on separate historical trajectories for more than a century — a much longer time period than the history they share. He makes the case that it was FLDS polygamists, not the mainstream church, that abandoned key elements of the Mormon tradition, including openness and engagement with the outside world.

» Care for the Poor

Editorial: Deja vu in Somalia

New laws crack down on the poor and the homeless

More than a sandwich for the homeless

» Excellence in Education

Editorial: Civic education

Half of children age 1-5 are read to daily

Skipping school with your Bible

Law school graduates sue their alma maters

» Faith in the Community

Coach finds Ramadan fasting and football can mix

Leadership summit mixes business and religion

Amy Grant: Bringing meaning and faith to music

LDS struggle with immigration, 12th article of faith

» Family Life

Rooted in love: Conference encourages adoption

Will new baby gender test increase abortion rates?

Doing it right: Raising kids typically a mix of nailed it, blew it

» Financial responsibility

Is America addicted to gambling?

1 in 5 household dollars are spent by Millennial shoppers

Effects of market turmoil may depend on investors' age

» Values in the Media

Column: Jeffs a monster, but pop culture isn't far behind

Column: Stop giving my girls impossibly thin body images

Editorial: A culture of violence

Facebook pages help fight porn

» Other stories

Editorial: Berlin wall an awful experiment

Camp offers the blind a chance to get into the game

Economist extols going green

Sister Chieko Okazaki remembered for her 'power of goodness'

Cowboy poetry tells Western stories with humor, insight

College still possible with autism spectrum disorders

Column: Act of forgiveness set Iranian woman free

Can you counter high fat with a hearty mix of spices?

Venezuelan journalist flees threat

Incivility makes more workplaces toxic

Facebook deletes prisoner pages

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