COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — On paper, Friday night's game between Davis and Brighton looked to be a lights-out matchup.

Davis featured top Utah prep prospect and BYU commit Troy Hinds going against Utah commit Nua Poteki.

Throw in Davis' mammoth 6-foot-6, 320-pound offensive line prospect Zach Lindsay, and it would be hard to find a matchup that featured as much future Div. 1 talent.

Well, the lights did go out on the matchup. Literally.

Shortly before the game started, the scoreboard went out. Shortly after the end of the half, game officials soon learned that everything else went out as well.

"I've been coaching high school football for 15 years and I've never experienced anything like this," said Davis head coach Ryan Bishop. "It's weird. We talk to our kids about how when things are going your way, you have to handle it, and when they don't go your way, that you have to overcome it, and we'll learn to overcome this."

The game was called a scoreless tie after a first half that could well be defined as ugly. Five turnovers and a blocked punt defined the first half. Every time either team threatened to score, they'd cough the ball up.

Brighton accounted for the biggest scoring threat of the evening. Late in the first quarter, they had a first and goal inside the 1-yard line before fumbling it away to the Darts.

"We were put in a couple of tough situations and we fought back, but we also had some chances to capitalize and we didn't do it," said Bishop. "The tough thing is that it's a push after just one half of football, but overall I think we'll learn some good things from this and go forward."

Overall, it was the players that were the most disappointed with only being able to play half a game.

Take Poteki, for example. All summer he's been yearning to test his skill-set against Hinds. At the time of his commitment to Utah, he wasn't aware how good a prospect he was.

"I learned that college coaches thought I could play against the best and Troy Hinds is the best, so this is a huge disappointment for me," said the 6-foot-5, 320-pound offensive tackle. "All summer, it's all I've thought about. It's not because he's a BYU commit and I'm a Utah commit, either. I just wanted to test myself against the best and I really didn't get a chance to do it."

He did get to play against Hinds for one half, but due to Hinds playing at outside linebacker in the Darts' new 3-4 defensive alignment, he didn't get to test himself much. "I'm just hoping that I get to see him again in the playoffs," Poteki said. "I don't want to wait until he's at BYU and I'm at Utah."