Mike Terry, Deseret News
Jordan Wynn

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah coach Kyle Whittingham had a message for Ute fans concerned about the health of quarterback Jordan Wynn. There are plenty of rumors and speculation making the rounds about the junior's surgically repaired shoulder and the limited number of throws they've allowed Wynn to make in practice.

"All I can say is take it at face value. There's nothing that we are trying to hide. There is nothing that is going on that we're trying to hush up. The bottom line is two-a-days is a grind and when you're throwing the ball twice a day, as often as we throw the ball, and you're coming off of surgery, there's a chance to develop some chronic soreness and so it was precautionary," Whittingham explained. "And like I've said, as soon as we get into the single days — our in-season mode which starts Monday — then hopefully we'll have Jordan every day and we won't have any more issues or worries of overuse. So that's the only reason for the way we handled it, is to guard against overuse."

As for Wynn's recent bout with the flu, Whittingham said that was "kind of a wildcard" and something no one could foresee happening.

"But as far as his throwing there's nothing wrong except just being careful that we don't wear him out," Whittingham reiterated.