The West Valley City city council hearing recently was an ominous example of city government gone awry. For over an hour, city residents spoke against the proposed tax hike, with few comments in its favor. After an honorable welcome from the council, one of our state senators also made time to visit and speak against the tax-and-spend spiral.

Yet when the turn came for the council to speak and vote, the response could not have been more adverse. One councilman roundly rebuked the state senator for speaking against the tax hike. Another councilman-at-large expressed a galling contempt for his own constituents, declaring that if we can afford fireworks, then we can afford a tax hike.

One after another, the councilmen overrode their constituents' wishes and instead insisted that they knew best where to cut the fat — out of our wallets, of course. And then almost unanimously they passed the tax hike to put West Valley City at the top of Utah's property tax rates.

The irony here is that the meeting's opening ceremony theme was active voter participation. Let's take that challenge; Let's elect councilmen who will represent us, not override us — who will treat the people of West Valley City as their employer, not their ATM.

John M. Williams

West Valley City