Like Vivian Talbot ("Power of Compromise," Readers' Forum, Aug. 16), I was surprised by a recent letter in the paper ("No Moderates," Readers' Forum, Aug. 9). I was tempted to respond but then decided it must have been a tongue-in-cheek submission, since surely no one seriously thinks that compromise would have doomed the Constitution when, in fact, compromise is what made it possible.

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But if the author really meant it, then, right on Vivian, for explaining the truth of the matter. I, too, was disappointed in our GOP members in Congress over their votes on the debt crisis. Is it legally possible for Rep. Jim Matheson to represent the entire state?

My kudos also to Lee Farnsworth ("Moderate Voices," Aug. 4); Don Cunningham ("We need Moderates," Aug. 6); Bruce Christiansen ("Ideological intransigence," Aug. 7); Max Parkin ("Wisdom in diplomacy," Aug. 8); thank goodness we're getting some great letters.

I can almost sympathize with Rocky Anderson when he announced he's through with the Democrats because if the no-compromise tea party gains control, I'm through with the Republicans.

Ken Baldridge

Pleasant Grove