The Draper Community thinks outside of the box when it comes to secular and religious education. Their children enjoy the choice of attending well-supported public and parochial schools, as well as several thriving charter schools, many of which were created and are directed by Draper citizens.

Many religious buildings dot our landscape, including the Skaggs Catholic Center, several LDS Church buildings and one of the largest Christian congregations in the state. So it comes as no surprise that multiple religious groups are interested in building a facility, designed for the spiritual growth of students, near the new Draper High School.

Comment on this story

My own children have enjoyed the ease and safety of attending class at a nearby LDS seminary building during their released time. I respect any religious group who strives to provide a similar educational facility for the youth of their congregation. That being said, a facility of this type is costly, and the financial support of the congregation is vital.

If the followers of Summum, or any other religious group, wishes to build on this site, I support their efforts. If it becomes evident, however, that legal maneuvers are used primarily to hinder other religions from doing the same, then I withdraw that support.

Wendy Copier Vawdrey