The recent letter "No moderates" (Aug. 9) showed a gross lack of historical knowledge and/or understanding. The writer stated, "If our Founding Fathers had compromised, there would be no Constitution, no Bill of Rights, no United States."

Actually, our country's strength derived from our Founding Fathers' willingness to compromise. Even prior to and during the Revolutionary War the delegates to the Continental Conventions were not on the "same page" when determining actions and policy, but held very strongly competing ideas.

Thankfully, they possessed the wisdom to come together and to put behind themselves their personal agendas. In any group of any size, you will have diversity of opinion. Such is the case even more so today than during the founding of our beloved country. What we really need now is civil dialogue between and among our leaders, not the attitude that "we" have all the answers so therefore "we" don't need to listen to others' opinions.

All that creates is stalemate, and I feel that's what we have now. Even our very conservative former president, Ronald Reagan, was able to work with and listen to those who strongly opposed his point of view. Incidentally, I'm proud to be an American and a "moderate" Republican.

Vivian L. Talbot