It is only human nature. When something less than stellar happens in our lives, we try to spin it, so it doesn't sound so bad. Recently the U.S. had its credit rating downgraded. There have been some who have tried to blame the tea party movement. It is the "tea party downgrade."

All sides have agreed that we need to cut about $4.5 trillion, but the only amount that will actually be cut is about $900 billion. And that won't happen for a long time. About $32 billion in 2012, $45 billion in 2013 and $59 billion in 2014. That is only $136 billion over the next three years.

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When are we going to make cuts? How far down the road are we going to kick the can? If the tea party movement was really serious about cut, cap and balance, then please tell me who made the compromise? We will still be borrowing over a trillion dollars per year?

To blame the tea party for this downgrade is a little like blaming the person who calls 911 to report a fire. Millions of people who are uncomfortable with the level of debt have united and said, "Do something about it." America is burning, and all our leaders are saying is everything will be fine.

Ted Pierce