Jon Huntsman Jr.'s performance Thursday night in the Iowa presidential debate may not have generated many headlines, but it still attracted plenty of media coverage.

Kathie Obradovich for the Des Moines Register: "He was a scoop of vanilla in a dish of rocky road. Smooth, a little bland and different from the rest. Huntsman isn't campaigning in Iowa, and his positions such as defending civil unions for same-sex couples would scuttle him with most GOP caucus-goers."

Tony Leys for the Des Moines Register: "Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, a back-of-the-pack candidate looking to become better known, deflected a question about why he's released few details about his proposals to fix the nation's economy. 'It is coming, we have only been running a month-and-a-half,' he said of his economic plan. He added that Americans should consider his record as governor, when he said Utah passed 'historic' tax cuts."

Las Vegas Sun: "Jon Huntsman may have been the only candidate not to get into multiple rounds of verbal fisticuffs in Thursday night's GOP presidential debate. But his decorum may have cost him his chance to challenge Mitt Romney's lock on the Nevada vote."

Blogger Chris Sosa: "Jon Huntsman stood out from the competition by offering sensible answers on everything from the economy to immigration reform. When asked about granting citizenship to undocumented workers, Huntsman took the high road. He simply refused to answer the question, dismissing it as irrelevant and impractical until the border issue is resolved."

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An Associated Press article via Vermont television station WCAX: "With most of his rivals staying in Iowa for Saturday's Ames Straw Poll, GOP presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman is heading back to New Hampshire. The former Utah governor will be in Concord on Friday afternoon, kicking off a three-day campaign swing through eight towns and cities ending Sunday."

Washington Post blogger and pundit Alexandra Petri offered what she herself admitted was a flippant review of all the candidates' performances, and said this about Huntsman:

"Jon Huntsman ... seemed to be apologizing for unapologetically running on his record. He believes in civil unions — but people who disagree with him? 'They're not wrong.' He believes in raising the debt ceiling — 'I'm the only one on this stage' — but why? Well, 'this nation should never default.'"

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