Mitt Romney's actions this week in Iowa illustrate the breadth and depth of the lessons he learned from the 2008 presidential campaign, the Washington Post reports.

"(Romney) is betting that he has learned all the right lessons from 2008 — and not just in Iowa. The retooled Romney is more disciplined, more confident in his policy views and seemingly more relaxed. His focus is nearly always on the economy, and his style tends toward Gap jeans and open-collared shirts with rolled-up sleeves over the starched shirts and neckties of the last go-round."

Romney campaigned hard in Iowa on Wednesday, ahead of Thursday's GOP presidential debate. This decision to pound the pavement in the Hawkeye State may mark a change in Romney's tactics, the New York Times reports.

"As Republican presidential hopefuls descended on Iowa for their second major debate on Thursday in Ames, the return of Mr. Romney came at a turning point in his candidacy. His wait-and-see approach toward campaigning in Iowa has been complicated by the expected candidacy of Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, whose strategy includes waging a full effort in the caucuses early next year that open the nominating battles ahead."

Female voters could be a difficult demographic for Mitt Romney to overcome in a head-to-head showdown with Pres. Barack Obama, Joan Vennochi explained Thursday in her Boston Globe column headlined "Romney's woman problem."

"How women vote stands to be a big factor in the election," wrote Vennochi. "Polling shows Obama with a huge margin among female voters, even as his overall support declines. If Romney wins the GOP nomination, as many predict, his historic weak spot with women voters is something he must overcome. It won't be easy."

A mysterious $1 million donation landed in Romney's Restore Our Future PAC last week. And although the man behind the money has been identified as former Bain managing director Edward Conrad, the Boston Globe's editorial page on Thursday called for a thorough investigation into the matter in a editorial titled "A murky million for Romney."

"Now that the laws protecting elections from undue corporate influence are in tatters, it's all the more important for federal regulators to aggressively enforce what disclosure rules are left. For that reason, a shadowy $1 million donation from a shell company formed by a supporter of Mitt Romney warrants thorough investigation by the Federal Election Commission."

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