Although I am not a tea partyer and abhor their defeating Sen. Bob Bennett in the last election, I do agree with their high standards for America, such as a balanced budget and a lower national debt, supported by Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

But I am displeased with these representatives' lack of wisdom in knowing when to push for their ideals. There is a time to press against the liberal opposition, and there is a time to negotiate with it to prevent the disaster that faced us.

The distinction here is one of wisdom and diplomacy, which creates statesmanship. The stubbornness that Chaffetz expressed on Doug Wright's KSL radio show on Monday over the debt crisis, however, was reprehensible. He said he was willing to allow his vote alone to place the government in default, if it came to it.

My appeal is to have our representatives fight for the highest national values, but show an abundance of common sense and a large capacity for statesmanship. That alone will result in a better government.

Max H. Parkin

Salt Lake City