SALT LAKE CITY — Utah wide receiver Anthony Denham injured his hamstring in Thursday's opening session of fall camp. A day later, Utah coach Kyle Whittingham said it may be more significant than originally thought.

Although there are still medical tests pending, including an MRI, the 6-foot-4, 231-pound transfer from East Los Angeles College could be out for a while.

"I would say weeks," Whittingham said. "I would label it as weeks that he's going to be out."

And that, he added, could make it difficult for Denham to work his way back into the rotation. The strong receiver, who Whittingham said has good hands and runs well, entered camp on the depth chart.

"It's going to be tough depending on how many weeks he's out," Whittingham said while noting that the Utes move into game-mode when camp concludes and school starts later this month.

Denham is questionable to return by then.

"The upside is he has a redshirt year," Whittingham said. "Worst-case scenario is we can't get him ready. Then we have that to look at."

Utah has a deep receiving corps with DeVonte Christopher, Reggie Dunn, Dres Anderson, Dexter Ransom, Luke Matthews and Sean Fitzgerald among the projected contributors. If Denham isn't available, Whittingham said the Utes will just have to move forward.

"He'll be back at some point and time," he noted. "We'll just have to be patient and see what happens."

BEE-WARE: Sophomore linebacker Brian Blechen said he didn't know Utah was the Beehive State. Now he does.

Blechen was back at practice, one day after being stung by a bee that flew into his mouth during a drill. A trip to the hospital was required to remove the stinger.

"I was mid-stride and some bee just flew in my mouth," he explained. "I tried to cough it up and it stung me in the back of the throat. I think I swallowed it, too. I never saw it."

The incident, Blechen noted, wasn't too scary because he's not allergic to bees. The sting was painful, though, and his throat was swollen.

Things were better on Friday.

Blechen said it was his second unusual encounter with a bee. He was stung in the eye once as a youngster.

WYNN DOING WELL: Quarterback Jordan Wynn hasn't had any soreness in his surgically repaired throwing shoulder.

"It still feels good," he said after the second day of practice. "I'm still throwing with the same velocity."

Although he's on a throw count, limiting him to no more than 100 passes per day, Wynn credits offseason work over the summer for his success in camp.

"I think my arm is kind of ready for this," he said.

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PRACTICE REPORT: Whittingham said Friday morning's practice at Rice-Eccles Stadium was "a good day" and "another step forward" for the Utes. He thought the work ethic, focus and intensity on day No. 2 were the same as the opening session.

"It was a good, productive day," Whittingham said before noting that the players will don shoulder pads today. "It'll be good to get the gear on tomorrow and get a little more physicality to the practice. That's when you should start to see some separation in the depth chart."

Being able to bang around in the run game and get some pass protection going, he continued, is huge.

"It's real football starting tomorrow," Whittingham said.


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