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Rebecca Irvine is the author of "Family Home Evening Adventures" (Horizon/CFI, 2009) and "Adventures with the Word of God" (Horizon/CFI, 2008).

Family scripture study can be a challenge.

Luckily, modern technological advancements can help improve the quality of the endeavor. Here are some websites guaranteed to get the attention of family members during family scripture study:

1. lds.org

Whether on computer, phone or iPad, be sure to tap into lds.org. Although the old (now "classic") version of lds.org was nothing to sneeze at, the updated version has several tools to enhance scripture study. There is still a broad list of helpful pages for topical-based studying, as well as audio versions of the scriptures. The new study notebook is particularly helpful for personal scripture study as well.

Similarly, LDS Scriptures for the iPad includes all the standard works as well as hymns, conference talks, manuals and gospel art.

2. scriptures4kids.com

This site has been consistently improved over the past few years and is especially great for families with Primary-age children. In addition to games, reading charts and other fun activities, there are four illustrated reading levels of the scriptures. An added bonus on this site: original family home evening coloring pages and games for each scripture story.

3. ldsartshow.com

This interesting site has a "book" with Arnold Friberg's series of Book of Mormon paintings accompanied by the scriptural text for the story from which each painting is drawn. Families could gather around and read one of the scripture stories while looking at (and afterward discussing) the painting. There are six of Friberg's paintings included in the "book," so this site would take care of nearly a week's worth of scripture study sessions.

4. gospelverseaday.com

If you need a daily reminder for family scripture study, this site may do the trick. Sign up and it will email you a verse of scripture each day. Pull out your smartphone at the dinner table and read the verse to start a gospel discussion over the meal.

5. mormonchannel.org

One of the many wonderful programs on Mormon Channel is a series of scripture stories presented in radio format. The show is "designed to inspire children to come to know and love stories from the scriptures. Each (20-minute) episode features children sharing their insights from and favorite experiences with the scriptures, along with music and readings of great stories from the scriptures." Or, if your family skews to a higher age bracket, try listening to Mormon Channel's series of general conference stories. This show has more than 40 episodes of "some of the best anecdotes shared during various general conference addresses over the past several years, each tied to a specific topic or theme."

Rebecca Irvine is the author of "Family Home Evening Adventures" (Horizon/CFI 2008) and "Adventures with the Word of God" (Horizon/CFI 2009).