When the Republicans had control of the government under President Bush, did we hear the cry for a balance budget? Did Sen. Orrin Hatch and Sen. Bob Bennett take the lead in sponsoring a bill requiring the government to have a balance budget? Did our state representatives cry out for a balanced budget? No.

It is nice that the government is talking about it now. But why did it take so long for it to begin? We the people did not care about it. Just give us entitlements and we will be happy.

Now with the tea party voicing concerns, people are beginning to realize that we cannot continue to go on as we have in the past. Our elected leaders will only do what we the people want them to do. If we do not voice our concerns, then our elected officials will do whatever they like — most of the time to look good to be elected again.

We must be involved in what our government is doing.

David West

South Jordan