I feel a little ashamed that Utah's two senators and my congressman (Chaffetz) could not support the final bipartisan bill passed by the rest of the Congress. This, in spite of the Republicans winning much of what they wanted (reduction in the deficit and no new taxes).

Even the majority of tea party congressmen supported the result — that is what "statesmen" do. We are not represented by such. For instance, both Sen. Orrin Hatch and Sen. Mike Lee gave congratulations to the leaders who worked out the compromise and called it a step in the right directions. What is so bad about a vote in favor of that step?

I fear for our state because we have let extreme-right "delegates" ?— they don't represent anywhere near the majority view of our citizens — influence our representatives. So Sen. Orrin Hatch, fearing their wrath next year, votes against what has to be essential and what he has done in the past. Sen. Mike Lee says he won't vote in favor of anything (whether it helps the nation or not) unless that amendment is passed first by both houses.

We don't send our representatives to Washington to ignore the debates, the arguments and the logic of what is right. We send them there to learn the art of compromise, particularly when so much is at stake for our economy.

Yes, we should be ashamed and determined that next year the moderates will have the will to turn out for the caucuses and not allow 5 percent or less of our citizens determine who will represent us.

Lee W. Farnsworth