CIRCLEVILLE, PIUTE COUNTY — Incoming Piute High students will drop the books and hit their iPads instead to study this year.

This fall, Piute County School District will give each freshman an iPad assigned by serial number to take them throughout their high school education. The 2011-2012 school year is the beginning of the district's implementation of their new digital curriculum for iPads, paid for by the Innovative Technology grant. For the next four years, freshmen will receive the devices at the beginning of the year and by 2014 every student at Piute High will be a part of the program.

Parents will pay a small amount of insurance for the device and at the end of their child's secondary education, if their citizenship is good and they haven't been expelled, they get to permanently keep the iPad.

The district currently has four teachers researching apps for the upcoming school year. iPads will be used in science, language arts, math and health this year, and eventually all classes will adopt the digital format.

Students will be able to turn in assignments through their device and teachers will be able to return and correct those assignments digitally.

"We're trying to decrease the amount of paper we use, which in our district equates to seven pages per student per day," Phil Singleton, technology coordinator for Piute County School District said.

Web access is to be limited through the school's networks, so that students can't access certain sites during school hours, but the district will require teachers to monitor offline activity during class.