Why is President Obama making a big push to raise the debt ceiling now? Remember, this is last year's budget we are talking about. Last year the Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the Oval Office. Rep. Nancy Pelosi refused to pass a budget in the House. Sen. Harry Reid refused to pass a budget in the Senate. Obama also refused to demand a budget from the House and Senate.

Why? Because the Democrats were afraid the voters wouldn't like their version of a budget. Now the Republicans have passed a budget in the House and sent it to the Senate and the president. Reid has refused to pass a Senate version of the budget. Obama refuses to present a serious budget or require one from Congress. The president and other Democrats should have passed their budget last year but are currently content taking potshots at the House budget. Obama needs to roll up his sleeves, sign the budget and get to work on the economy.

Reynold Willie

Salt Lake City