Sherri Leigh Taylor 12/22/1961 ~ 7/19/2011

Sherri Leigh Taylor lived her life with grace and courage. She died on July 19th, her sister Janet's birthday. Sherri was born to Lou Jean Clarke Taylor and Weldon Butler Taylor on the 22nd day of December, 1961. Mom and the kids had just returned home from Christmas shopping that night, when labor began. Sherri arrived earlier than expected, making Christmas extra special that year. Being the baby of the family, with much older siblings, she was cherished and adored. Her oldest brother Gary, eighteen at the time, was thrilled to have a baby sister, and he spoiled her with a Madame Alexander baby doll, when she was two. Her brother Stephen gained a new playmate, since he was the closest in age to Sherri. Her teenaged sisters, Kathy, Claudia and Janet, were all second moms to her and Sherri was never without love and affection. As a young preschooler, Sherri developed intractable epilepsy, which stayed with her throughout her life. She endured the seizures, a helmet, trials of countless medications, surgery, trips to the emergency room, needle pokes, blood draws and hospital stays, but she always had a smile. Later in life, she was incorrectly diagnosed with mental illness and endured years of antipsychotic medication. Fortunately, due to the tireless efforts of her Epileptologist, Dr. Pegah Afra, at the University of Utah Medical Center, Sherri was correctly diagnosed with post-ictal psychosis, a direct result of her seizures. By better controlling her seizures, Dr. Afra successfully withdrew Sherri's anti-psychotic medication, and after years of being in a medically induced stupor, Sherri's personality, love and wit came back. Thank you, Dr. Afra, for walking the difficult road to bring Sherri back to us. Sherri's most prized possession was her family. She loved her bling, trips to the salon, manicures, Tina Turner, eating out, concerts, her jeans, the color mauve, Pierce Brosnan, BONES, and JUDGE JUDY, but her most favorite time was being with her sisters and mom. We will always have fond memories of all of the holiday celebrations and trips. We are fam-ily, Sher: Big Sister, Little Sister and Fruit Cake! In the last eleven years of her life, she was blessed to gain a second family. All of the staff of Key Residential helped her live her life as normally as possible. She had her own apartment and was very proud of keeping it nice. Thank you, Kenneth Ekong, Suzanne Rieske, Amber Lewis and Amy Hellstrom. You were angels of love for our Sherri, and we will never forget your compassion and goodness. Sherri's greatest traits were her love for her families, her positive attitude in the worst of circumstances, and her generosity. Sherri, you are our HERO. You are an excellent example of a life well-lived. You knew what was important about being a human beingit wasn't possessions, or wealth or prestigeit was LOVE. Thanks to all of her friends, her sister-in-law Jan, her brother-in-law Frank, her nieces Shelley, Margaret and Amy, the H.O.M.E Project, Alec Zuber and DSPD and the Columbus Work Center, for loving Sherri and caring for her. Thank you Martha, Karla, Lindsay, Bob and Mike at Highland Care for sticking with her in rehab. You made a difference in her life. Barbara you were a ray of sunshine in Sherri's last days. Now Sherri, fly away on the wings of love. YOU ARE FREE! You will never have another seizure; you have thrown away the helmet. You are now in the arms of your much beloved Mother, and your devoted brother Gary, once again. Survivors include, Father, Weldon Taylor, Sister-in-law, Jan Taylor, Kathy and Rick Whyte, Claudia Sippel, Janet and Frank O'Neill, Stephen Taylor and numerous nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by Mother, Brother Gary and Sister-in-law Sue. Sherri was a faithful member of the LDS church and a true follower of Christ's love. Services July 28th at Holbrook Mortuary, 3251 South 2300 East. Viewing 9:45-10:45 a.m.; funeral 11:00 a.m. Interment at Meadow View Cemetery, Eden, Utah, right by Mom.