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Scanpix, Morten Holm) NORWAY OUT, Associated Press
An injured woman is assisted from a damaged building in Oslo, Friday July 22, 2011, after an explosion rocked the capital. Terrorism ravaged long-peaceful Norway on Friday when a bomb ripped open buildings including the prime minister's office and a man dressed as a police officer opened fire at a nearby island youth camp.

OSLO, Norway — A police official says the man who gunned down 84 people on a Norwegian island may have had 30 minutes for his killing spree.

Johan Fredriksen said Saturday a SWAT team was put on standby after a bombing in Oslo that killed seven people. One man is thought to have planted the bomb and then headed to the island for the massacre.

When asked how long it took the SWAT team to arrive at the island after the shooting began, Fredriksen said: "It takes the time it takes to drive fast." He said that was about 30 minutes.