I wonder if Rep. Jason Chaffetz really realizes what he is doing in running against Sen. Orrin Hatch. If he is successful, we will lose a golden opportunity to have a conservative Republican as the finance chairman in one of the most powerful departments of the government.

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What will Chaffetz have gained? Possibly a seat in the Senate among the lowliest senators. Or if Matheson decides to run, Chaffetz then splits the Republican vote assuring another liberal Democrat in the Senate.

A Republican could become the chairman of finances, but Utah might lose out on a great opportunity and another big spender could become the chairman. Our decisions for political offices should be according to the message and prior record of that person, not longevity in the office. We need good men in the House of Representatives. Chaffetz should finish out his commitment to the voters and stay where he is.

Loa Don Glade

Salt Lake City