In recent weeks a number of letters have appeared expressing the urgency of reelecting Sen. Orrin Hatch. Their regularity and uniformity leads one to suspect they are part of a coordinated effort. In any case, it is clear that Hatch and his supporters are pulling out all stops for a seventh run.

I am weary of the argument that Utah will lose influence if we do not return Hatch to Washington. There comes a point where one has to say, "Enough. It is time to give someone else an opportunity." Thirty-six years ago, Senator Hatch used a similar argument in defeating three-term Sen. Frank Moss — a stockpiler of seniority in his own right.

All qualified candidates should step forward and present us with viable alternatives. A hard-working, vigorous and motivated individual can surely exert effective influence without the need for a crutch like seniority — a contrivance of the powerful to ensure the appearance of indispensability.

Robb Cundick

Salt Lake City