Steve Yingling
Jimmer Fredette competes Friday at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship.

OK, he's human. Fredette earned several national player of the year awards and even an ESPY for his heroics during his senior basketball season at BYU, and was the 10th overall pick in the NBA draft. His basketball skills, however, did not translate to the golf course as he took 84th out of 85 players. Deseret News correspondent Steve Yingling caught up this week on the course.

Q: You said you haven't played golf much. How many times you've played in your life?

A: I've probably played 10 to 15 times in my whole life so don't expect much. I'll hit some decent shots; I just can't drive it straight.

Q: For the few times you have been out to play, what has pulled you into the sport?

A: It's fun to be out there with your friends. It's a relaxing sport. You get to go out and hang out with your friends and goof off. But it's better if you are a better golf player, because you can actually hit the shots, and it's not as frustrating. That's something I want to improve.

Q: When you golf with friends are you competitive with someone of similar ability?

A: I'm competitive. I'm just trying to get better. I'll definitely be competitive with the guy I'm playing against, but a lot of times that player is a little better than I am right now.

Q: What is really troubling you the most about the game?

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A: I don't feel good with the driver in my hands. I always slice it. That's something I need to work on. It's all about technique, and you just can't go out there and think you are going to be an unbelievable golfer right away.

Q: Who do you want to play a celebrity round of golf with?

A: I think Ray Romano would be a fun guy to play with just because I think he would be funny, and I watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" all of the time. He seems like a really cool guy. And Michael Jordan would be really cool.